Energy Audit/Assessment / Income Eligibility

​​We serve moderate income home owners with children in their household and houses of worship who cannot afford to renovate and retrofit their homes or buildings without assistance.

​We serve homeowners at 60% and 80%  income eligibility requirements and in some cases 100%, for income eligibility requirements as defined by  U.S. Housing and Urban Development. 

Contact us at, so we can conduct an intake and determine your eligibility.

Benefits of a Energy Efficiency Mortgage

An increase in purchasing power through cost savings.

Increase market-value of your home due to energy efficiency renovations and retrofits, ranging from 8 - 32% based on market.

Lower down-payments and better interest rates for new home mortgage purchases due to energy savings.

Lower energy bills and tax credits due to energy renovation and/or retrofits.

On October 1, 2014, contact our Mortgage Lending Manager to set up an appointment to determine if we can advocate for you to receive an Energy Efficiency Mortgage and/or modification that will save you money, reduce carbon emissions in the environment.ubtitle

Energy Efficiency Mortgages Referrals

This program will be available in 2018

Energy Mortgages are mortgages that credit the homeowner for energy efficiency renovations, upgrades and retrofits that are included in the loan.

There are two types of Energy Mortgages:

Option 1:Energy efficient mortgage owners are already energy efficient and can obtain a energy efficiency mortgage, and

Option 2Energy and environmental improvement mortgage owners and houses of worship, use a energy and environmental audits to identify renovation and retrofit upgrades, and make those renovations and/or retrofits in 90 days

Energy Efficiency Mortgages are financed through FHA, VA and secondary market financing, e.g., Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Healthy Smart Homes, Inc., will perform a client intake. HSH will pay for a Resnet Auditor to assess your home for energy efficiency and determine which option you qualify.

If you qualify for Option 1 or 2, HS will contact your lender to negotiate better mortgage, e.g., refinance or modification.