About Us/History:

Established in 2012, Healthy Smart Homes, Inc., is a result of environmental toxins research conducted by Tracy L. Brown while obtaining her Master of Public Policy degree in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.  

We believe, when low doses of environmental toxins are detected, parents should be notified and the toxins should be removed (nutrition and/ or medical treatment) from children as soon as they are diagnosed to prevent the beginning of neurological, cognitive and a decrease in I.Q. of children. Failure to remove early toxins can cause ADD, ADHD, some forms of Austism and prevent children from excelling in school and reaching their potential. 

​Moreover, we believe, public policy should provide resources to fund case managers to: 1)  serve children with low doses of toxins in a child system, 2)identify sources, 3) pathways, and 4) resources to remove, retrofit, and renovate low to moderate income homes so families can live in healthy homes, children can succeed, and health care costs are reduced.

Finally, we seek to improve the economic well-being, improve standard of living and create wealth of low-to-moderate income home owners by advocating and educating potential and current homeowners on how to: 1) modify the terms and conditions of their current terms, using energy efficient loans and removing toxins from homes, that can result in the increase value and equity of the home, and 2) reduce the cycle of poverty by educating first-time home buyers on obtaining energy efficient loans with when purchasing their new home. See our Environmental Loan Mortgage section that outlines the benefits.

​​Our Vision

Healthy Homes, Healthy Families and Healthy Communities

Our Mission

Healthy Smart Homes, Inc.,  (HSH) seeks to reduce the negative impact of environmental toxins that impact the neurological, cognitive, physical, and intellectual abilities of children, especially children of color, to reduce health disparities, and ensure equitable opportunities to reach their full potential. 

HSH also seeks to reduce foreclosures and provide better lending terms (lower interest rates, principle reduction, etc.) in communities of color,and ensure environmentally safe homes for families and houses of worship.

Clients We Serve

We serve moderate income  home owners with children and houses of worship for energy audits and better lending terms.

We serve low-to-moderate families, families with children and houses of worships for all of our environmental education and wellness programs.

The vision and mission is accomplished by:

  1. preventing and removing home and houses of worship of environmental hazards and triggers associated with lead, etc.
  2. helping families at risk from losing their homes or houses of worship by advocating and negotiating with lenders to approve energy audit re-financing or modifications based on environmental audits,
  3. research and publish social, health and economic impacts of unhealthy homes, including violent behavior that has resulted in the incarceration of youth and adults due to high levels of lead, and/or other toxins in the blood,
  4. engaging stakeholders in advocating for local, state and federal policy changes in toxin level of concern, parent notification, treatment, and case management for families with children,
  5. educating low-to-moderate families, and houses of worship , on how to reduce toxins through nutrition, and the benefits of installing renewable energy, weatherizing, reducing toxins, and the positive footprint these actions have on the climate.

Service Area

Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk Counties

Soon to be in the Greater Metropolitan Seattle / King County area.

Officers, Board of Directors and Staff

Tracy Brown, 

Board President

Travis Bradfield 


Jacalyn Wallace